Science of Singularities

Dans ce débat entre la Subjectivité et la science, j’en venais à cette idée bizarre : pourquoi n’y aurait-il pas, en quelque sorte, une science nouvelle par objet. Une Mathesis Singularis et non plus Universalis

Roland Barthes, La chambre claire

© Giovanni Ambrosio. Abbattere. Disporre.

Science of Singularities is a laboratory for artistic research that explores forms of knowledge produced through creative and artistic processes. 

Science of Singularities designs projects that work at the intersection between theoretical, visual and poetical practices and create experimental collaborative spaces and publishing formats with the aim to facilitate the exchange and cohabitation between artists, scholars and citizens from here and abroad.

The activities of the laboratory start from the boundary between theoretical knowledge and artistic practices and challenge established regimes and paradigms.

They explore the potential of different forms of knowledge that can be discovered precisely in the connectivity between scientific and non-scientific disciplines. The research processes initiated by Science of Singularities activate collaborative procedures that defy the traditional conception of ownership in knowledge and art production and experiment with heuristic and poetic creation as a shared process. 

The label Science is thus to be understood in a polemic way that tumbles our usual rules of knowledge production.The experiments conducted in the Laboratory undermine the general claim for universality of scientific results by drawing attention on cognitions emerging from the singularities and producing forms of singular knowledges.

© Giovanni Ambrosio. Abbattere. No title.

The exploration of the singularity can be considered a political gift.

The fact of leading us to an encounter with the embodied and situated uniqueness of each singularity allows us to discover alternatives to the underlying assumptions of the existing knowledge and historical narratives.  If singularity is any form of existence and expression in its very uniqueness the search for singular knowledges should focus on aspects obliterated by forms of thought that seek common and universal laws. This is a multi-layered process of radical listening. It demands from us a deep way of paying attention to the other not yet discovered voice and a continuous translation of our understandings. It is an engagement in a poetical quest to find a common language, a language that remains always precarious, provisional, vulnerable, and on the verge of stumbling. 

Such is the quest to which Science of Singularities intends to offer a contribution.