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Science of Singularities Timeline

© Matteo Vegetti


(e)labOratorio : prototype of a possible collective writing machine, Vrije Universiteit Brussels CLEA –Systems at Play. In the Noosphere 

Altereurope Futuremanufactory: Entangled Matters. Vonderau Museum, Fulda, Germany

Table of Matters : Reasons of which reason knows nothing, Vrije Universiteit Brussels CLEA – Systems at Play #2 .The Self-Organising Symposium On Self-Organisation 

Altereurope Democratic Imagination Lab:  Enacting Global Citizenship, University of Dortmund


Altereurope: Democratic Imagination Lab : Where does Europe start?, Hochschule Fulda (Germany), Europe Direct, Pulse of Europe.

Altereurope: Democratic Imagination Lab: What does Europe speak?, Freiherr vom Stein Schule, Fulda (Germany)


Altereurope Imagination Lab: Where does Europe go?, Forum Alpbach, (Germany)

© Giovanni Ambrosio. Abbattere. No title.