Science of Singularities

Laboratory for arts based research and democratic imagination practices

Interdisciplinary artistic research

Science of Singularities creates experiential spaces, collaborative processes and publishing formats that allow to collaboratively employ interdisciplinary and artistic forms of knowledge to trigger democratic imagination so reinventing the social and political setting.

The collaborative dimension

The processes initiated by Science of Singularities activate collaborative procedures. We explore heuristic and poetic creation as a shared and self-organised practice, defying the traditional conception of a subject behind knowledge and art production.

The democratic imagination

It is a methodological approach that uses artistic practices and operations to make them available for the collective imaginative production  in order to stimulate social invention of a different present and future. 

Entangled Matters #2 – Vonderau Museum Fulda, Germany, 15 -19 April 2024

(e)labOratorioSystems at Play in the Noosphere – Clea, Brussels, 4-7 October 2023

Science of Singularities. Altereurope.

© Science of Singularities. Future Manufactury, Vonderau Museum, Fulda 2023


Altereurope materialises as a Future Manufactory, a space for collective reflection, creation and discussion, in which artists and citizens are involved in a shared exercise of democratic imagination to produce alternative visions and concept for the future.

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© Giovanni Ambrosio. Ius soli. Chapter one: Vesuvius black zone : waiting, passing, redemption. Ius Soli. Campania Felix Delenda est., a documentary photography series on the archeology of the present, through the attempt to tell about the complexity of a geographical area called the Red Zone: 25 cities around Vesuvius, the largest active volcano in continental Europe. Where fertility is one of the fundamental values. Searching for marks, signs and ruins, clues, remains and signals on soil, the most important action is to collect: on the surface and in the depths of excavations. Once we are ready to dispose things, to organize them to produce a new material, we pass to the act of condĕre: to found, to create, to compose, to describe, to tell, to bury, to plant, to immerse, to put sheltered. We throw seeds, on another land, and they compose a constellation before disappearing in the soil.

© Giovanni Ambrosio. Ius Soli. Suoli/Suoni

The Table of Matters

On the Table of Matters collections of materials are displayed on a shared working table, where they can be appropriated and rewritten by the participants in a collaborative exchange using a given protocol of operations, drawn from artistic creation processes.

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© Science of Singularities. Future Manufactury, Vonderau Museum, Fulda 2023

Entangled matters

Entangled Matters refer to an interconnectedness between nature, animals, humans and technology. Life – as inventive creative process – cannot be conceived on an individual scale. It evolves through ecosystemic dynamics, multiple relationships, exchanges, mutual interdependences, references, filiations.

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© Science of Singularities. Future Manufactury, Vonderau Museum, Fulda 2023

Foundland map

Foundland Map is a map to be discovered by creation. It materialises as a white wall, a panel with a neutral grid symbolising imaginary latitudes and longitudes. In a step-by-step process, through collaborative collective interventions, morphologies emerge on the map and visibility areas hover on the edge of invisibility.

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