Entangled Matters

Altereurope Futures Manufactory 

Vonderau Museum Fulda (Germany) 11-15 July 2023


Entangled Matters refer to an interconnectedness between nature, animals, humans and technology that goes beyond natural science considerations. Reflecting on Europe in the context of Entangled Matters expands the theoretical shift of perspective that drives the research of Altereurope on the field of ecosystems. 

Europe itself can be conceived as an  ecosystem,  a political and historical matter that evolves through human intervention.

We therefore raise social questions in the context of an ecosystemic approach to Europe, for instance whether a sustainable ecosystem requires a different way of living together? Or, how the creation of a respectful relationship between all participants of the ecosystem, humans, animals, plants and vital matter can help us develop eco-sensitive forms of society? The conception of Europe as an ecosystem breaks with some fundamental traditions in our perspective of the world:

For centuries, European history has been understood as a history of people, kings, wars or, more recently, of technological achievements. Is such a perspective still suitable for the challenges of climate change? Should we not dare to look at history from a perspective that also includes the developments of the planet? 

Since the 19th century, sciences have been split into natural and social sciences. Yet, can a science that takes the ecosystem as a whole, including its cultural and historical changes, as the starting point for research still strictly separate social and cultural aspects from nature?

And finally, the conception of the social traditionally starts from individuals and their contexts, but recent research shows how much the two are intertwined. Therefore, in order to do justice to these interconnections, should we not adopt an approach that focuses on networks of relationships rather than on individuals?


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